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A very popular version is 3 – 8 camera OB Units, now amongst a growing number of programming companies and event producers use them to ease of operation and faster turnaround times.

A converted panel van would normally comprise of separate Sound and Production areas giving ample operational space for smaller productions. This has become even more achievable with flat screen and multi viewer technology allowing the OB to be planned along its length rather than across the van. Whilst easily customisable to suit specific needs, the system emphasis is placed on simplicity, economy, and speed of construction, without compromising the high standards of quality.

Based on either a rigid HGV or on an articulated trailer, in static and expanding and triple-expanding sides, these are typically based on 12 to 30 cameras with a large production area and separate areas for Sound, VPS and Vision. These vehicles are built for today’s highly demanding multi-camera high-definition broadcasts. In addition to such vehicles, we have also built specialist VTR trucks, Edit Trucks, Production Offices etc.

Working closely with our clients we can create very cost-effective solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs, our prime focus is to provide a design that utilizes the available space to give maximum flexibility and operational environment.

Medialogy appreciate the high-level of investment in such vehicles, that’s why we design scope beyond one specific contract.

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