Training Support & Maintenance

Medialogy is world’s leading systems integrations company for broadcast media, cloud and digital signage!


Medialogy’s team is your guaranteed pathway to deliver solutions to the ever-changing world of media. Our extensive experience in delivering methods and proposal for wide-ranging specifics in broadcast media and television as well as the communication industry, is committed to deliver a tailor-made solution for you.

Our team has prepared turnkey project reports for setting up a completely new television platform, radio stations or channels for different networks. We are also well versed in advising upgradation and augmentation of existing ones. The in-depth analysis has embraced the entire gamut ranging from the basic feasibility to technology option, installation and running costs, training schedules and financials. What’s more, our experience and knowhow span across the globe, across cultural and socio-economic spectrum. Our skilled and experienced team can offer you the complete peace of mind SLA based technical support services and upkeep your facility to a world class standard to optimise ROI’s. Our team also are very people orientated and hence a natural choice to provide operator training service from start to finish. We attend production planning meetings and recces, offer advice on your technical requirements, and take care of all your equipment and personnel needs.

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