Medialogy is world’s leading systems integrations company for broadcast media, cloud and digital signage!


We have an extensive range of cameras, lenses, monitors, tripods, grip, lights, decks, servers, audio, and test equipment, all maintained to the highest levels by our in-house engineers. Our core staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be used to help guide you through your production which very often lead to smoother workflows and increased cost savings.

We have maintained and grown great relationships with other companies that do the same as us, hire broadcast equipment. We believe this is due to several reasons, availability, price and understanding. We’ve always stocked large quantities of the most popular items, so if you need 4 cameras for a particular job, we can normally do it. We appreciate that you need to make some money on your ‘cross hire’ which is why we try to be as flexible as we can on price. Because we are both in the same business, we already have a good understanding of what you need and expect, so the transaction is seamless.

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